QT910 H/T - High Temperature Clear D/S Polyester Tape - Qualitape

QT910 H/T – High Temperature Clear D/S Polyester Tape

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High temperature resistance of 205°

Perfect for bonding metal to metal prior to heating within a powder coating oven.

Recent trials showed our tape adhered to a metal panel, withstanding 195 deg C on a 20 minute cycle.  Following this we secured the metal panel in a vice, applying 19kg of downward pressure on the joint with successful results.   We tested next with a 10kg weight hung from the panel over a 48hr period and again the tape remained intact.

The above tests included the use of our QT923 Multiprep and SX100 accelerator which we thoroughly recommend to achieve  the maximum bond/results.

QT910HT – Product Data Sheet



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