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SIGA Air Tight Tapes & Membranes 

Qualitape Technical is the largest distributor of SIGA air tight tapes and membranes in the UK. SIGA is amongst the most well-known suppliers of high quality vapour control barriers, air tight tapes, adhesives, sealants, and weatherproofing products. The benefits of SIGA membranes, primers, adhesives, applicators, and tapes include thermal insulation, resistance to the elements, air tight vapour control layering, and superior durability.

Some of the popular products we supply include:

SIGA – Membranes

For flexible, tearproof vapour control layers, and thermal insulation layers, SIGA’s Majrex, Majpell, Majcoat, and Majvest membranes provide unparalleled protection against the elements.

Majrex and Majpell products are designed for interior application on the warm side of thermal insulation, with Majrex providing superior security in complex installation scenarios.

Majcoat products are designed for exterior roofing as a diffusion-open roofing layer and can stand up to driving rain and the elements superbly. Majvest products are for diffusion-open exterior wall facades and can be applied to sealed or open facades.

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SIGA – Primers, Adhesives, and Applicators

We carry the full line of SIGA Primur, Meltell, and Dockskin primers, adhesives, and applicators, which all provide superb benefits to residential and commercial construction.

Primur self-bonding adhesives are solvent-free and are available in rolls and tubular bags which can be applied with our applicators.

Meltell adhesive sealants are quick drying and water resistant and can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. These sealants are also available in cartridges and tubular bags.

Dockskin primers are high-performance, solvent-free products ideal for reinforcing difficult substrates indoors and outdoors. Best used in conjunction with SIGA adhesive tapes such as Primur self-bonding adhesives.

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SIGA – Tapes

All SIGA tapes are ideal for vapour control barrier adhesion indoors and outdoors. Our Sicrall, Rissan, Wigluv, Fentrim, and Corvum tapes are single-sided whereas Twinet is a double-sided adhesive tape. If you require air tight tape products to accompany air tight membranes, look no further than SIGA tapes.

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Amazing small business. We've been offered foam at a discounted rate for making PPE visors. Instead of profiteering through the crisis. These amazing humans are stripping profit back to the bone! Thank you!

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