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Our range of SIGA tapes is designed to create adhesive vapour control barriers in both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you require single or double sided adhesive tape, we can provide you with the right product to create air tight layers on your surfaces.

Here at Qualitape, we are the largest supplier of SIGA tapes in the UK. Take a look at our range above to find the right SIGA tape product for your needs.

Our SIGA Adhesive Products

We have a range of permanent airtight sealing bonds from Fentrim that help bond wall and window elements. When used with the Dockskin 200 High Performance Primer it is very easy to apply, is hardy and flexible, and offers high strength in extreme temperatures.

Corvum products offer strong adhesive tapes for interior frame connections, while Rissan offers reliable, elastic and permanent airtight adhesion of vapour control layers and indoor panels plus components.

There is also the Sicrall range of strong adhesive products that create airtight layers over sealing injection holes and leakages.

Wigluv makes a series of robust adhesive tapes for external use on both abutments and joints.

Finally, we have double sided tape from Twinet for the pre-installation of vapour control layers on hard substrates. With adhesive layers on both sides, these allow for quick installation of building elements along with a protective coating and tearproof backing.

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