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Adhesives, Accelerators and Cleaners

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At Qualitape we supply a range of quality adhesives, accelerators and adhesive cleaners to suit a variety of jobs. We know that your tools and supplies are your trade, and can be the difference between a job being delayed, and a job being done on time and on budget. That’s why were are trusted to supply only tried and tested products at competitive pricing.


The range of adhesives at Qualitape is designed to suit a huge variety of bonding requirements. From high tack contact adhesive to slow cure pipe sealant, we can provide you with the perfect bonding agent.
For added flexibility, and adhesion on the go, we also supply an extensive range of adhesive tapes and foam tapes for a variety of industry uses.

Adhesive Accelerators

To help create a stronger bond on non-adhesive surfaces, adhesive accelerators can be used. Adhesive accelerators can speed up the bonding process by 90%, resulting in stronger and more durable adhesion.
Most industrial tasks involving adhesive require a powerful bond and often an airtight seal. Where a non-adhesive substrate makes this difficult, Qualitape’s SX100 accelerator is the perfect solution.
Due to its fast evaporation rate, it forms a highly efficient seal on porous surfaces. Accelerators are the ideal product for a stronger and more effective bond.

Adhesive Cleaners

We also supply a range of adhesive cleaners for removing adhesive overspill or tape residue. These products allow for a much more professional finish. In most industries, such as the construction industry, a professional finish is essential. But overspill can easily occur when applying adhesives or accelerators to areas like windows.

Qualitape’s OZ Pure Citrus Cleaner is one of the adhesive cleaners we supply for this type of situation. It will remove grease, tar, rubber based adhesive residue and general dirt and grime.

When you’re looking for the perfect finish time and again, accept no substitutes.
Here at Qualitape, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading knowledge, and industry-specific knowledge. Make sure to browse our full range of products today, or for more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team now.