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Moldex Hearing Protection

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Moldex Hearing Protection

Having effective hearing protection on site is vital for the health and safety of your workforce. Therefore, we supply a range of high-quality hearing protection products by Moldex that are designed to deliver maximum safety and comfort. In addition, all Moldex products have been designed to reduce waste, making them a better choice for the environment. Please take a look at all our Moldex hearing protection products below.

Our Moldex Products

For heavy-duty noise protection, browse through our selection of earmuffs from Moldex. We offer M5 (34dB) and MX7 (31dB) earmuffs that are completely lightweight and flexible. We also supply hygiene kits for earmuffs with two foam inserts and two ear cushions. Your earmuffs should last six months before you need to replace the cushions and foam inserts.

We also supply a range of reusable earplugs made from dual material for easy insertion into the ears. Our earplugs come with cord options to prevent losing them, as well as blister packs for easy storage. We also supply WaveBands for superior comfort as well as replacement pods. Finally, there are a variety of foam earplugs to choose from in a range of colours and practical designs.

Additionally, we stock a range of products designed for use with Molex hearing protection items. We supply spark plug stations for storing and supplying large amounts of earplugs, including touch-free sensor options. We also provide wall mounting brackets for holding stations in place for easy access. Finally, we offer disinfectant wipes designed for use with all Moldex products.

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As well as our hearing protection items, we stock a multitude of other products. To find out more about our excellent selection of items, visit our shop section. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, or give us a call today.