Expanding Foam Tape

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Are you are looking for the perfect solution for filling in gaps and sealing joints? If so, try our range of expanding foam tape from Xpanda. The Qualitape range of expanding foam strips are the perfect alternative to traditional polyurethane aerosol foam due to their clean and simple application. In addition, Xpanda foam products are a low cost, yet effective choice when it comes to installing window and door frames, and joining structural elements.


Types of Foam Tape

Depending on which size of expanding foam strip you need, our Xpanda foam products can offer you the following:

  • Maximum expansion as a gap filler, adjusting perfectly to the proportions of gaps thanks to its long-lasting elasticity.
  • Water resistance to a minimum pressure of 600 Pascals (driving rain). Allows for sufficient joint ventilation while preventing mildew from accumulating.
  • Insulation that helps to keep heat inside while protecting against dust, draughts, and damp.
  • The foam contains chemically stabilised acrylics that act as a flame retardant, as well as sound insulation.

Our exciting range is available across a range of starting thicknesses, from 1mm to 24mm, expanding to thicknesses ranging from 9mm to 123mm.


Uses and Benefits

Xpanda expanding foam tape is perfect for use with door frames, around windows, curtain walls and skylights. It works well for any application where vertical and horizontal joints need sealing. You can use the foam for expansion joints, timber structures, ducts and more. It is also compatible with many caulking products, and can be painted over with water-based acrylics or latex paint.

Some of the benefits of Xpanda foam tape include:

  • No canisters used, meaning less waste overall.
  • Fast and easy to apply.
  • No CFCs released into the air.
  • Insulation against fire, water, and noise.
  • No mess after application, meaning you save time and money on cleaning products.
  • Preserves its form to accommodate expansion and contraction.
  • Excellent insulation qualities leading to less energy usage.


Contact Us

At Qualitape, the clue is in the name- we love to talk about all things tape! If you require further information about our range, or the options available to you for a particular project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, or give us a call today.