Structural Spacer Tape

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Structural Glazing Tapes

Our range of structural space tapes are the perfect choice for all structural glazing projects. Double sided and coated in high tack acrylic adhesive, these products create a gap between glass and metal frames that allow for the application of structural silicone.

Here at Qualitape, we offer some of the best quality structural spacer tapes in the UK. Take a look below to find the right structural spacer tape product for your needs.

Our Structural Spacer Tape Products

We have a wide selection of sizes available when it comes to structural spacer tape products. Including a selection of Qu-Pro-300 structural glazing tape with thicknesses of 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm in rolls of 15 m and 5, 8 and 9.5 mm thick tapes in rolls of 7.5 m. Custom size options are available on request. Contact us with any special requirements we’ll be happy to help.

Each PVC structural spacer glazing tape product is double sided with a high tack acrylic adhesive coating applied on both sides. They have an open cell structure that allows the structural silicones on both sides to cure. They have been tested and approved by The Dow Chemical Company to standard ASTME96-2005 water vapour transmission to determine open cell airflow structure.

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