Moldex Face Protection

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Moldex Face Protection

Are you looking for on site face protection that offers safety and compliance on worksites while providing exceptional comfort to the wearer? Then try one of our face protection products from Moldex.
Moldex designs face protection products that perfectly align to the nose and face contours while allowing better airflow to reduce breathing resistance. They are also designed to last longer than regular face protection products and are entirely heat and flame-resistant.
Take a look at our selection of Moldex products to find the perfect mask to suit your needs.

Our Moldex Products

We offer a variety of disposable and reusable face masks that provide protection based on your needs. Our range of non-reusable masks is intended for temporary use and protects against a range of hazards such as dust, fumes and aerosols. Meanwhile, our reusable face seals are fully washable and can be used for up to a few days to a month, depending on the product.

Suppose you are unsure whether your mask is fitted correctly. In that case, Moldex offers the Bitrex Fit Test Kit to ensure that all masks are properly fitted. The kit contains instructions, nebulisers, hoods and solutions that are designed for multiple mask fitting tests. Each testing kit is designed to last up to two years.

We also offer a range of items designed for use with Moldex face protection products. We stock Sensitivity and Test Solution Ampoules for use in Fit Test Kits. There are FFP mask storage cases for keeping your reusable masks safe for future use. We have filter replacements for our range of Easylock masks, along with disinfectant wipes, specifically approved for Moldex products.

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