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SIGA Primers

SIGA primers are a solvent-based product that when applied reacts with moisture to create a thin layer on a surface. They are commonly used for strengthening indoor and outdoor substrates and to ensure secure bonding with other SIGA adhesive products.

At Qualitape, we are one of the leading UK distributors of SIGA primers. Find the SIGA primers that best fit your needs by browsing through the list below or give us a call on 01440 710747 for advice or help.

Our SIGA Primer Products

Primur products are both self-adhesive and elastic adhesive compounds. These products are especially suited for bonding vapour control layers to solid structures as well as connecting indoor airtight layers. Primur comes in 310 ml cartridges for clean and fast application by an applicator gun or by the tubular bag for applicators with plastic tube attachments. There are also Primur self-adhesive rolls for both interior and exterior applications.

Dockskin is a deeply penetrating primer that strengthens sandy and fibrous substrates and works best on wood fibre boards, plaster, and masonry. Dockskin 100 comes in containers of 1kg and 4kg and is quick-drying, offers strong adhesion on a range of surfaces, and is usable on cold substrates up to -10C. There is also Dockskin 200 in 1kg containers which dry quickly even on wet surfaces, offer strong and reliable anchoring, and is very easy to apply.

Meltell is a high-performance hybrid sealant designed to seal joint seams and prevent cracks or leakages on doors, windows, and facades. Meltell comes in 310 ml cartridges for application via metal gun, or it can be applied by 600 ml tubular bag.

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