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Novoproof/Qu-Air EPDM Tape & Airtight Foils

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Novoproof/Qu-Air EPDM Tape & Airtight Foils

Are you looking for a strong but flexible sealing product for roofing and construction work? Try our Novoproof /Qu-Air EPDM tape and airtight foils products.

The Novoproof & Qu-Air range of EPDM sealing products and airtight foils are made from a special high-performance synthetic rubber. This gives them a natural elasticity while being free of volatile or embrittled plasticizers. Take a look at some of our Novoproof/Qu-Air products below.

Our Novoproof/Qu-Air Products

Among our Novoproof/Qu-Air EPDM products, we have Qu-Air/UV Protection in 25m rolls. These adhesive rolls are solvent-free and treated with a thin film coating that protects them from UV radiation. We also have rolls of Qu-Air Black FR – Airtight / Waterproof Exterior Membrane. These are made from PES membrane and vapour-permeable polyurethane, which makes them both rain and powder snow proof.

Our airtight foil range includes the Qu-Air-Pro – Airtight / Waterproof Exterior Foil. This self-adhesive product is made from a vapour-permeable, coated fleece and is easy to apply without additional adhesives. We also have Foil Backed Butyl Tape in 10m rolls. These are made from a plasto elastic butyl mass with strong adhesive strength and are coated with aluminium film for tough water and UV resistance.

In addition to our range of Novoproof/Qu-Air EPDM and airtight foils, we also feature a range of products used for maintaining your adhesive items. For example, we have Novoproof EPDM Cleaner in 5L cans for cleaning EPDM products before bonding.

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