Novoproof FAI EPDM - 1320mm x 1.0mm x 20m - Qualitape

Novoproof FAI EPDM – 1320mm x 1.0mm x 20m

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Butyl rubber elastomer foil (IIR) according to DIN 7864 (*).

IIR = Isobutylene-isoprene rubber.  This rubber allows less gas molecules to pass through.
(*) DIN 7864 : Standard for elastomeric films intended for roof waterproofing and for seals in the construction industry : description of the inspection regulations, indication of certain quality requirements.

The NOVOPROOF strips meet these requirements or are even better as can be read in the neutral test reports.




Application examples

For vapour-tight sealing on the inside (warm side) of buildings around windows, curtain walls etc

Colour  – Black

Thickness – 1,00mm (-5%/+10%)  –   (Thicknesses 0.75mm – 1.3mm – 1.5mm can be produced on request)

Properties – 

  •   highly elastic
  • √  putrefaction resistant
  •   recyclable 
  • √  very good long-term watertightness 
  •   high water vapour diffusion resistance factor 
  •   solvent-free 




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