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Our Products

At Qualitape we supply a wide range of adhesive, tape, and paint solutions for every kind of project. Having built relationships with many of the leading manufacturers, the quality of our products is guaranteed. We also back that up with excellent service and reliability.

Adhesives, Accelerators and Cleaners

All you need for preparing, bonding, and fixing on a huge range of projects.

Blowerproof Airtight Paint

Ideal for covering cracks and creating airtight seals in all types of surfaces.

Expanding Foam Tape

Keep gaps closed and secure with our flame retardant expanding foam tape solutions.

Masking Tapes

From water resistant to low tack, our range of tapes will tackle any masking task.

Moldex Face Protection

Ensure health and safety on the job with our range of robust masks and filters.

Moldex Hearing Protection

A wide range of ear protection covering a range of decibels, types and applications

Novoproof/Qu-Air EPDM & Airtight Foils

A selection of airtight and waterproof tapes and foils, plus adhesives, cleaners, and joint pastes.


Tapes and wraps for every kind of packaging job.


Perfect personal protective equipment, from hair nets to latex gloves.

Protection Films

Protect floor surfaces, windows and more with our range of protection films and adhesive tapes.

Qufire – Facade UV & Fire Solutions

Fire protection membranes and rolled sealant, plus primer and adhesive.

Qufix EPDM Solutions

High quality EPDM rolls and solvent-free adhesive, ideal for a variety of sealing tasks.

Siga Membranes 

Interior and exterior membranes offering excellent weather protection and insulating properties.

Siga Primers 

Primers, sealants, and applicators, perfect for use with Siga tapes.

Siga Tapes 

A wide range of interior and exterior sealing tapes for a variety of applications.

Structural Spacer Tape

Double sided, high tack PVC glazing tape.

Technical Tapes

An extensive selection of technical tapes suitable for a range of tasks.

If you require any further information, or would like to chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team about how we can assist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.