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Qufix EPDM Solutions

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Qufix EPDM Solutions

Ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, is a substance with a lot of practical uses in construction work. It provides resistance to a range of chemicals and acids, has excellent insulating properties, and is completely waterproof.

Here at Qualitape, we have a first-rate selection of EPDM products useful in a wide range of applications including EPDM tape. Take a look at some of our EPDM solutions below.

Our EPDM Products

illbruck ME315 Total Protection EPDM is a single-sided adhesive that offers air and weather-tight sealing in interior and exterior settings. The tape is quick and easy to apply, highly resistant to UV rays and moisture and has excellent bond strength when used with many common substrates. The illbruck ME315 Total Protection Tape is also fully compatible with any illbruck building products.

The Novoproof Kleber FA EPDM Glue Sausage is a sealing adhesive with a synthetic rubber base that cures elastic and durable rubber compounds. It is specially designed to help in the bonding and sealing of Novoproof FA EPDM facades when used with a range of building materials. It can be used with aluminium, plaster, steel, concrete, and wood and for overlaps between sheets of EPDM.

Qufix EPDM tape rolls are designed to seal internally between window frames as well as other substrates when used with other EDSM solvent-free adhesives. Available in 20 m rolls with 0.75 mm thickness, although bespoke sizes are available on request.

The STIXALL Hybrid Sealant is based on hybrid polymer technology. It can bond and seal everything under any conditions, whether underwater or in wet weather. Each sealant is available in 290 ml cans.

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As well as our EPDM products we also offer a range of products used in building and construction work as well as our full range of technical tapes – Speak with us today to learn more!