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Blowerproof Airtight Paint

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Blowerproof Airtight Paint is a water based; fibre reinforced polymer designed to produce airtight building connections. Due to its ability to create a secure yet flexible seal without the use of primers and adhesives, and it being free from volatile organic compounds, Blowerproof offers a sustainable sealing solution.

Ideal for both industrial and domestic use, this liquid membrane from Qualitape is suitable to use between a large variety of substrates including brick, concrete, timber, and metal. This makes it the perfect product to guarantee that floor, wall, and roof connections are airtight, as well as ensuring that gaps and cracks around areas such as windows and pipes are secure.

Intended to give you peace of mind, Blowerproof Airtight Paint is a versatile, easy to use sealant appropriate for both new build and retrofit. For more information, please send us an enquiry or give our expert team a call today.