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Protection Films From Qualitape

Are you in need of something temporary to ensure your work is protected from dust or scratches until finished? Protection films are removable adhesive products that are designed for clean removal when no longer required.

Here at Qualitape, we have several excellent brands of protection film to choose from, from clear polyethene tape to black & white surface protection tape.

Look at some of our protection film products today.

Our Protection Film Products

Our Black & White Surface Protection Tape products are an excellent choice when protecting sensitive surfaces from a range of potential hazards. The tape is made from a three-layer, low-density polyester and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. The tape is great for usage when moving, storing, and assembling builds, and actively protects from dust, dirt, and any mechanical damage. Each roll of tape is sold in 100m rolls, as well as alternative width options if needed.

Our Polyethylene Tape – Clear products can be easily used as a splicing tape and are suitable for a wide range of building and industrial applications. Each tape is made from 126mu recyclable polyethene with an acrylic adhesive. This offers both protection from external hazards as well as excellent resistance to UV exposure. Each roll of tape is sold in 33m rolls or as individual logs, and alternative size options are available on demand.

We also offer Protection Films for use in construction and decorating. Our PF34HD Carpet Protection films are made from a high-quality solvent-based self-adhesive that is tear resistant and easy to remove. We also have PF37 Window and Surface film with a durable low-tack adhesive surface that leaves no residue upon removal. Finally, our PF40 Hard Floor Protection film is a medium-level acrylic adhesive that protects all surfaces from dust, dirt, and paint. Each comes in a roll of 600mm x 100mm.

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In addition to our protection films, we offer a variety of tape products and supplies. Please explore our online shop to discover more about our range.