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Siga Membranes

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SIGA Membranes From Qualitape

SIGA membranes offer high-quality vapour control and thermal control as well as complete protection against the elements. In addition, SIGA’s membrane products offer superior durability, flexibility, and resistance to tearing.

Here at Qualitape, we are the largest supplier of SIGA membranes in the UK. Take a look to find the right SIGA membrane product for your needs or contact us for helpful advice from our experienced team.

Our SIGA Membrane Products

Our SIGA Majrex membranes offer superior thermal insulation and security for complex building projects. The Majrex 200 is designed for interior applications in roof, wall, and ceilings, and features a temperature resistance between -40 to 80C.

For superior insulation and vapour control in the general roof and wall installations, try our range of SIGA Majpell products. Each sheet of between 1.5 to 3m wide offers airtight layers that combine with conventional insulation fibres for increased thermal resistance. Choose from our Majpell 25 for high diffusion resistance or our Majpell 5 with high moisture control.

Our SIGA Majcoat products are designed for exterior applications as a diffusion-open layer offering superior protection against the elements. Each sheet features an imprinted laying aid for fast and easy application and is resistant to tears and abrasions. Choose from our standard Majcoat 150, or our Majcoat 150 SOB and Majcoat 200 SOB products with extra SIGA adhesive strength at high and low temperatures.

Finally, our SIGA Majvest products are for extra protection on sealed or open exterior wall facades. Our Majvest ranges include the standard Majvest 200, Majvest 200 SOB with thermal adhesive strength, the Class B Fire-rated Majvest 500 SA, and Majvest 700 SOB with both fire and UV protection.

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