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Technical Tapes

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Are you in need of high-quality technical adhesive tape for your next project? We have a wide range of pressure-sensitive technical tapes suitable for a variety of industrial applications including construction, manufacturing, and engineering. Qualitape provides some of the highest-quality technical adhesive tapes in the UK.  Please consult our brochure if you require information about our fantastic range of technical tapes. Alternatively, if you require additional information, or would like guidance about the range of options available to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team, or give us a call today.

Technical Tape Products

Among our technical tape products, we have a range of very high-bond foam acrylic adhesive tapes. These tapes are double-sided with a filmic liner and offer superior bonding capabilities as well as excellent load-bearing characteristics. These tapes can withstand extreme conditions and are resistant to UV and ageing. Four colours are available: black, clear, grey, and white.

Some other choices we have include high tack double-sided mounting foam tape with excellent compression resistance, perfect for use in the automotive industry. We have glazing foam PVC density security tape with excellent acoustic dampening for window glazing and signage assembly. We also have high-tack rubber fingerlift tissue tape for quick and easy use in the print and finishing industry.

Other products include the Powerlon UV Façade for partly open ventilated rain screens and facades. Available in 120 and 160A sizes, each consists of a UV-resistant breather membrane and self-adhesive edges.