XPANDA 5mm - 26mm - Expanding Foam tape - 5.6 Metre rolls - Qualitape

XPANDA 5mm – 26mm – Expanding Foam tape – 5.6 Metre rolls

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Xpanda 600 is a pre-compressed open cell polyurethane foam backed roll with a self adhesive scrim tape to assist positioning. Heavily impregnated with chemically stabilized acrylics creating flame retardant properties, Xpanda 600 remains permanently elastic and will continually self adjust after installation to keep gaps closed.

  • An excellent expanding joint sealing alternative to polyurethane aerosol foam due to its clean and easy application as well as its cost-efficiency. This product is ideal for professional and DIY use for the installation of windows and door frames as well as for joining structural elements in residential and commercial construction.The measured performance of Xpanda 600 is rated at 600 Pascals, or driving rain, at 25 per cent decompression. This product allows for sufficient joint ventilation which prevents the accumulation of mildew, has high UV resistance, and ages well without noticeable cracking or splitting over the years. This makes it ideal in climates with seasonal changes and noticeable expansion and contraction in joints.**Fire Rated to B1 Classification**

    Sealing with water and air:

    • Exterior windows and doors (PVC, wood, aluminium).
    • All types of installation: wall, rabbet and tunnel, new and renovation.
    • Rolling shutter boxes, bay units.
    • Precast concrete elements.
    • External Thermal Insulation.
    • Timber Frame Houses.
    • Other applications (caravans, prefabricated constructions, etc.).


    • Impermeable to driving rain from 600 Pa
    • Airtight, Class 1
    • Fire resistant, B1
    • Acoustic insulation, Rs,w = 44 dB
    • Complies with DTU 36.5
    • Specifications validated by SOCOTEC

After application, this foam tape will expand to fill gaps and will adapt to uneven surfaces, providing long term thermal and acoustic insulation.

Xpanda 5-26 will expand from 5mm in its compressed state to a maximum of 26mm once unwound and applied.

At this size Xpanda will provide a water tight seal between 4-11mm, a thermal, acoustic and draught/dust seal from 12-13mm and anything larger will be purely a gap filler.

Other widths available on request, please call our office on 01440 710747

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