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Qualitape provided a product demonstration to a bathroom installation company, displaying the power and versatility of very high bond QT890 tape.  Following this we were (by referral) approached by one of their main suppliers looking for a recommendation.

The supplier needed to permanently fix a variety of mirrors to tiled walls.  Unfortunately they experienced numerous difficulties during and after installation with both mechanical fixings and adhesives.   Issues ranged from cracked tiles and broken mirrors, to mirrors sagging and completely detaching themselves.

A meeting with the company’s installation team on site led to the breakthrough they were looking for.  We decontaminated both mirror and tiled surface with an isopropanol alcohol (Multiprep).   We then added an application of SX100 adhesion accelerator to prepare both surfaces.  Lastly, the very high bond acrylic adhesive tape (QT890) was used to secure the mirror to the tiled surface.

This demonstration proved extremely successful for the company and is now the only authorised method during installation, unless otherwise specified by their customer.