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We were asked by a major petroleum retailer to recommend a solution for protecting painted metal barriers.  A continuous damage was occurring as a result of proximity and impact from customer vehicles.  Barriers are fitted to each pump island on a forecourt, which are situated throughout numerous locations across the UK.  Our initial inspection highlighted the extent of the problem where barrier corners were badly chipped and scraped.  Not only was this an aesthetic issue but it was also an indication of significant damage being caused to customer vehicles.

Following our visit, we conducted numerous trials with a range of substrates.  Testing the suitability of each for impact absorption and durability, we were supplied with a test barrier enabling us to fully develop a solution.  Considerations were made as to the shore hardness of the substrates, along with combining them with a hard working adhesive.  The adhesive would need to offer maximum longevity and wide-ranging temperature tolerance.  A PVC strip, colour matched to the corporate RAL colour of the company was finally proposed.

The client was contacted to arrange a practical demonstration.  Senior management approved the product and requested a steady supply of the PVC strip to be added in over 86 locations throughout the United Kingdom.  Furthermore, we were asked whether we could provide an installation team to fit the PVC strips.

Qualitape UK have since completed the initial supply and continue to carry out and maintain new installations.