There are many advantages to using a structural bonding tape when compared to other fixing methods. It can, in many applications, be confidently used to replace traditional adhesives, spot welds, rivets, screws, nuts and bolts.

It bonds immediately, allowing for production to continue, boosting productivity. No drills are needed to make holes for rivets or bolts. Due to its supply nature, the tape acts as an excellent intermediary for bridging substrates with different thermal expansion and contraction properties. It is unaffected by ageing and UV (no discoloration) and is suitable for internal as well as external all weather use. It acts well as a gap-fill and seal and is capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations. It can also be supplied in white and grey to aesthetically enhance the appearance of joins when bonding substrates of a similar colour.

From the clear – very high performance structural bonding adhesive 562, to our QT600 range of coloured very high bond foamed acrylics in white, grey or black. These extremely powerful tapes can be found in many applications for critical bonding in the Marine, Aerospace and Defence industries. Other common uses include Highway Signage manufacturing, fixing of brackets, fabrication of Acrylic displays, mounting of glass, component assembly, sheet metal cladding and vehicle panel mount.


A pure, high transparency, high mass acrylic adhesive on a roll.                                      View our full range of accelerators, promotors and surface cleaners

 (3M VHB alternative)

Along with its exceptional bonding capabilities, this tape has outstanding load bearing characteristics and is used in many industries for creating dynamic structural bonds to Steel, Aluminium, Plastics,

0.25mm 0.50mm 1.00mm 1.50mm 2.00mm 3.00mm
QT562 - Clear
QT600 - White
QT600 - Grey
QT600 - Black

Composites, Ceramics and Glass. It has been developed for intensive use in extreme environments to with stand temperatures ranging from -40 ºC to +200ºC over many years. It is good for use on textured and powder coated surfaces, also good on most low energy substrates.


Very High Bond

Foamed acrylic adhesive tapes in Standard Colours, Grey, Black and White. This range allows for aesthetic matching of the substrate with the adhesive. Ideal for covering over unsightly blemishes or blocking out screw holes and joins, making for an enhanced visual experience. The grey is often associated with engineering when bonding metals and the white is often used in combination with white extruded plastic.

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