Xpanda 600 joint sealing tape is a soft and flexible expanding foam used predominately as a weatherseal to prevent water ingress and retain heat in external and internal applications. Along with its excellent acoustic properties, under high compression it will create an industry standard 600 Pascal- rated weather proof seal. In low compression applications, it makes for a draught proof, aesthetically pleasing join between smooth or irregular surfaces such as brickwork, concrete, wood and plastics etc.

The foam is an open cell polyurethane, heavily impregnated with acrylic based UV and water-repellent resins that also have flame retardant properties. It is supplied in pre-compressed, slow expansion rolls with a self-adhesive scrim tape applied to one side to aid application. When unrolled and applied to a window frame or similar structure, the decompression process allows for enough time to position and install the frame whilst the foam tape expands and embeds itself to the adjacent surface after the installation has been completed.
(NB: high temperatures cause faster decompression)

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